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  1. See community, personal and critic ratings and reviews

  2. 100-point or 5-star rating

  3. Filter or search by varietal, region, rating, price, wine or vineyard name.

  4. “Where to buy” real time pricing through

  5. Barcode scanner

  6. Wishlist tracking


The beauty of wine is its variety. Varietals and blends, new and old world, terroir or technique, by themselves or paired with different cuisines, each offering a different experience. But how do you remember your experiences when you’ve had so many? What was that cab that you had last week, and does baked salmon go well with a buttery chardonnay?

Wine DB helps you remember and share your experiences. Not just yours, but also your community of fellow Wine DB users. Compare your experiences to rate them, profile them, or share your favorite bottle with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

In addition, Wine DB also provides cellar management for your wines. Whether you have a large or small cellar, Wine DB provides a single place to track your wines.  Wine DB combines cellar management, ratings, drinking windows for each vintage, wishlist and tasting profiles.

Everything is stored in the cloud, but your reviews and cellar data is also stored on your iPhone, making for fast access to your information, even when you are not connected.


New Features

(version 1.3)

  1. Private tasting notes

  2. Ability to quickly search region and varietal in the lists

  3. Display 1/2 star ratings

  4. Your most recently used storage locations stored for easy re-entry

Remembering your experiences

Cellar management software for your iPhone;  keep track of your wines, the ones that you love (and the ones to avoid). 

Price : $1.99 (USD)

Available in all app stores world wide.

Version 1.3 Released

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